BlogWorld & New Media Expo in New York City (or as it will now be known, NMX ), covered a lot of territory, from social marketing and “social business,” to blogging advice and tactics, to fresh research data.  We’ve tried to blog some of the highlights of the week-long event, but we’ve only scratched the surface.  We’ll be touching on more of the topics that came up during BlogWorld in the months ahead, but for the time being, this marks the conclusion of our BlogWorld series of posts.

In the meantime, what better way to conclude this series than with something visual to grab your attention?  Let’s start with video …

The truth is it’s difficult to recap a conference like BlogWorld even in photos or multiple blog posts.  That’s why we chose to use video interviews with experts and presenters as a complement to our topic summaries.  Our last video interview is with author and presenter Lee Odden, who addressed the critical issue of how to get started in social media.

To further sum up our BlogWorld education, we thought we’d share some of the best presentation slides and advice via photos …

The business focus of many sessions on social media was perhaps best captured in this slide from Dave Fleet, who points out that social media marketers need to focus on business goals and objectives and do better planning and measurement. Oh, and behave like a human, not a marketing robot.

Dave Griner reiterated the importance of conducting adequate research before jumping into new media (specifically, “know your audience”). 
Griner also pointed out the importance of turning short-term excitement into long-term relationships.

BlogWorld’s multiple mobile presentations provided mounds of interesting data.  Local business owners should take note of how popular accessing local information is on mobile devices.

What’s the trend in broadcast?  Pairing TV spots with online campaigns and online video.

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