Exactly how do you view your mobile device (or, if you prefer, “cell phone,” though they are usually much more than phones these days)?  Is it a way to keep in touch with friends?  A tool for doing business?  A glorified Web browser?

New data released last week during Blogworld & New Media Expo reveals that you may answer this question differently depending upon your gender.  According to a recent general U.S. population survey by IncSlingers and Qualtrics, women see their mobile devices as an “enabler for social interactions,” while men view it as a “practical tool.”

Other interesting study findings:

  • 58% of men use their mobile device in bed.
  • 71% of men use their mobile device while watching TV.
  • 53% of men use their mobile device while eating.
  • 55% of women use their mobile device in bed.
  • 64% of women use their mobile device while watching TV.
  • Men are more easily influenced by brands to download apps than women, who are more influenced by friends.
  • Men are very likely to make a purchase via mobile based on ads they see on TV or on their mobile device, while women are less likely to do so.
  • In general, women use mobile devices to create and share social content and they are less influenced by brands than men.

Simon Salt, author and CEO of IncSlingers, delivered this new data during his BlogWorld presentation, and we caught up with him later to get his thoughts on how companies should approach mobile marketing and what the future holds for incorporating social media and mobile elements into “traditional” TV advertising.  Check out his advice (and note the importance of mobile and mobile-optimized websites):