Recently, Chris Cranford took a break from his Jones Film Video work to snap a good, old-fashioned still photo (developed in a dark room, no less!) that won first place in an international, juried competition sponsored by Soho Photo Gallery in New York City. Chris’s entry in the 15th International Krappy Kamera Juried Competition was selected from among 1,200 entries from 180 photographers across 40 states and 12 foreign countries.

California sky
Chris's winning entry, taken in San Francisco. 

According to the Soho Photo Gallery website, the Krappy Kamera competition was born in the nineties, out of a desire to highlight photos taken on older, “junky” cameras with “lousy lenses,” rather than on state-of-the-art, high-end devices.

On the Soho Photo Gallery site, the Gallery’s Sandra Carrion explains that the initial local Krappy Kamera contest received so much publicity that it “sort of took off on its own,” and photographers from around the country began contacting her to find out how they could be involved. So in 1997, she and another gallery member organized the first National Krappy Kamera® Competition. Since then, with its growth in popularity, the contest has expanded internationally.

Chris’s winning entry (above) was taken in San Francisco during a trip to film a newproject for Firefox.  Chris used an old favorite – a Holga 120N – to capture the image.

Chris and his camera
Chris and his Holga 120N on a recent trip to Peru.

You can see Chris’s winning photo and the other entries here.