Wayne Woods

Shelby Woods (L) and Wayne Woods (R). 

We’re proud to announce that our Chairman Emeritus Shelby Woods and our Chairman and CEO Wayne Woods have been selected by the Tenth District of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) for the Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame’s 2013 class of inductees.  The Woods brothers are two of the seven distinguished honorees for the tenth district, which includes Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.

“On behalf of CJRW I can say we are all very proud of our colleagues Shelby and Wayne,” said Wayne Cranford, founder of CJRW and member of the 2008 inaugural class of the Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame.  “Their contribution to the overall advertising profession has been profound and while Shelby and Wayne would never say so, Arkansans owe these gentlemen a debt of gratitude for their tenacity and tireless passion that helped create the booming Arkansas tourism industry.  They were instrumental in positioning Arkansas as a premier tourism destination, which today is a multi-billion dollar industry for the state. This honor is richly deserved and I am honored to call them both dear friends.”

According to information provided by the AAF:

“Shelby formed The Woods Brothers Agency in 1967, having already spent considerable time and effort researching tourism marketing in surrounding states. As his research revealed, Arkansas needed a comprehensive advertising tool to motivate out-of-state visitors to come and spend their vacation time and dollars in the state. Shelby then developed and published the Arkansas Tour Guide, a unique marketing tool for its time.  He didn’t stop there and continued to find innovative solutions to help promote Arkansas, though at the time there was no formal state budget aiding these endeavors like many of the surrounding states.

Shelby next led the effort to create a cooperative marketing initiative of interested parties, which leveraged strength in numbers.  Together this first group of individual business owners launched an organized effort to raise more money for dedicated marketing whose primary goal was to promote the state as a tourist destination.

In 1971, Shelby’s brother, Wayne, joined the effort to put Arkansas on the vacation map. Shepherded by their vision, dedication, advertising ingenuity and love for their home state, Arkansas tourism has made remarkable strides over the past 40-plus years. Last year alone, Arkansas hosted nearly 23 million visitors who spent more than $5.8 billion.”

“This is a great honor for me and my brother.  When we started this business in 1967 with the idea to showcase Arkansas and all of her beauty and opportunity we had no idea the tourism industry would be what it is today.  We owe our success to the hundreds of talented professionals who we have worked with over our careers.  We are very blessed,” said Shelby Woods.

Wayne shared a similar sentiment; “Shelby and I are being recognized, in large part, for the great work that has been accomplished by CJRW for the state of Arkansas.  This is a humbling award and one I share with all of our colleagues, past and present.”

The Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame was created by the Tenth District of the American Advertising Federation to honor men and women from the region who have distinguished themselves by making significant contributions in the advertising industry and in their community.

“This honor is a long time in coming for Shelby and Wayne.  Together with Mr. Cranford they are the deans of Arkansas advertising and the state’s only three inductees into this Hall of Fame.  Their vision, dedication and passion for our industry has helped grow the advertising industry in Arkansas and for this we will always be grateful,” said Bill Brookshire, President of AAF-Little Rock.

 “Without a doubt, the Woods brothers and Wayne Cranford, have set a high standard of excellence for our advertising industry and for civic leadership,” said Randy Kemp, co-chair, Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame. “We are delighted to recognize them with this honor for their years of dedication and hard work.  It is well deserved.”

The Woods brothers will officially be inducted into the Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame on Monday, October 21 at 11:30 a.m. in Dallas at the Brookhaven Country Club.

Other Inductees

Shelley Tracy and Raymond Locke (deceased) of Dallas

Tracy and Locke discovered each other in Oklahoma City at the dawn of the 20th century, pooling their advertising and selling talents to create what would become one of the most notable successes in Southwest advertising history.  In 1913, they founded the renowned agency Tracy-Locke.  Noted for landing and keeping clients, Tracy-Locke was the long-term agency of record for Borden’s, Mrs. Baird’s Bakeries, Imperial Sugar, Frito-Lay, Haggar Slacks, Conoco Oil, Dr Pepper, and many others.  The agency’s credo set by its founders was simply to serve its clients beyond their expectations.  With this philosophy at its core, Tracy-Locke marks its 100th anniversary this year, the only advertising agency west of Detroit to achieve this milestone.

Cliff Gillock of Houston, retired

As a national award-winning creative director, Past President of AAF Houston and currently serving as the Chair of the AAF-Houston President’s Council for the second time, Cliff Gillock’s contributions to our local and regional advertising communities are many.  His accomplishments were recognized when he was awarded the AAF-Houston Silver Medal in 2007.  Well known for his mentorship, Cliff is always willing to visit with a student, look at a portfolio, and offer words of encouragement and sage advice.  He has unselfishly given of his time and talent for the betterment of our industry and continues do so today.

Weldon Weekley (deceased) of Houston

Weldon T. Weekley was founder and chairman of a southwest advertising legacy that set a standard of excellence for a half century.  A pioneering ad man, Weldon seized opportunities for economic adventure and building a business, and became a formidable force for good along the way.  If advertising was Weldon Weekley’s oyster, he returned a string of pearls.  He was well respected by colleagues and competitors alike for his sound business judgments, boundless enthusiasm, candid conversation, and thorough knowledge of advertising.

Mike Rawlings of Dallas

Mike Rawlings came to Dallas in 1976 with $200 in his pocket, and through hard work and determination, proved that Dallas is truly the “City of Opportunity.”  After taking an entry-level position in one of Dallas’ top ad agencies, he worked his way up to become CEO of Tracy-Locke, which at the time was the largest advertising agency in the South.  After 20 successful years in advertising and marketing, Rawlings took the helm of Pizza Hut, leading a major upturn in business, which resulted in the highest weekly store sales in company history.  Most recently, Rawlings has served as Managing Partner of CIC Partners, providing business counsel and capital, helping to grow small and mid-sized businesses in Dallas and across the United States.  In 2011, Mike was elected Mayor of the City of Dallas, bringing three decades of high-level business and civic leadership to City Hall.

About the Tenth District of the American Advertising Federation

The Tenth District of the American Advertising Federation represents the affiliate advertising clubs and federations of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) in Arkansas, Western Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.  The AAF is the only national grassroots trade association to encompass all segments of the advertising industry, including advertisers, agencies, corporate marketing departments, broadcast and print media companies, industry suppliers, college chapters and national trade associations engaged in various advertising pursuits.