Social Media Little Rock

What is your social media strategy?  Is it reactive?  Proactive?  Do you devote 0.5 percent of your marketing budget to social media or a whopping five percent?  Really, none of this matters if you do not take a step back and ask yourself one question: Do I have a platform specific social media strategy?

You can't put social media followers in the bank.

Brands are jumping on the social media bandwagon.  Some did in 2005 and others are just now taking the leap.  Just because one brand has been on social media longer than their competitors does not mean they will stand out more. You can’t put social media followers in the bank.  How are you using different social media to grow targeted niche demographics and grow your bottom line?

A general social media strategy won’t cut it these days.  Brands need to have platform-specific strategies so they can talk to different social media users in different ways at different times.  Brands have to cut through the clutter with the right content at the right time on the right platforms.  With that being said, please stop reading this and go turn off your auto-publish from Facebook to Twitter right now.  Seriously, go do it. If you cannot figure out how, email me.

No auto-publish to twitter

Social media users – consumers in general – do not want to be advertised to, and they can tell when you are cutting corners.  You need to organically and naturally become a part of conversations and movements online that fit your brand.  Don’t force it.

According to Pew Research, 74 percent of online adults use social media. SEVENTY FOUR percent.  If online adults were quarters, we would be three-fourths of our way to a dollar. A whole dollar!  And, each penny is different.  A lot of times I hear people say that social media is just for the young folks.  That just isn’t the case anymore.  I think it is time we all take our heads out of the sand and start taking this communication channel seriously. Your friends and followers may be posting photos of babies and their favorite meals, but remember, there are important influencers and advocates out there that brands can leverage.  Influencers and advocates help round out your lifestyle brand and their praise of your brand raises the bar and lends the gold standard to brands: word of mouth.  Find these people, engage them, and you will see ROI.  Again, make it natural, make sense, and don’t force it.

We aren’t talking about a “video killed the radio star” situation; a comprehensive marketing plan should encompass all media outlets, television, radio, newspaper, social, and all the rest, to best achieve a brand’s business goals.  Brands need to adapt and evolve to the communication channels their customers are using most, and with 74 percent of online adults on social media, the time has come for brands to take an integrated stance with their overall marketing strategies. Social needs have a seat at the table when considering and planning any successful marketing campaign.

Who uses social media? Infographic