Meet Annie Holman, media supervisor and account executive at our Little Rock office.  Not many of us wear two hats, but Annie does it with style!  Working in both media and account services, Annie shows off her deep experience and ability to adapt with ease.  Annie’s not all business though.  Get to know Annie in our latest installment of Meet CJRW!

 Annie Holman CJRW

What do you like to do in your free time? 

When it comes to free time, I keep it pretty simple.  I like to call it  “media research” aka watching a lot of TV.  

Our very energetic dog, Astrid, also requires a lot of exercise, so my husband, Brian, and I take her on lots of long walks around our neighborhood trails and at Two Rivers Park.  Whatever we can do to wear her out, we do it (see video for an example of what we are dealing with).

 South Haven Michigan Annie Holman CJRW

What could you not live without?

Coffee, dark nail polish, sarcasm, dancing at weddings, my husband, siblings and parents, and posting pictures of my dog, Astrid, to Instagram.

 Solid Gold Dancers CJRW

What did you want to grow up and be?

A Solid Gold dancer.

 Annie Holman CJRW

What are you most proud of?

 I am very proud of my close relationships with my family and friends regardless of the geographical challenges.  They are spread out coast-to-coast, but my favorite thing to do is visit a lot of them at one point or another throughout the year.  For example, my siblings and cousins go on an annual trip to my Dad’s boyhood home in South Haven, Michigan.  It’s on Lake Michigan, and it is my favorite place to be in the world.  My best girlfriends from college all try to meet up somewhere each year as well and, thankfully, some of them live in cool places including Los Angeles, which is where our trip was this past January.  Of course, I also try my best to make frequent trips to Dallas to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and my adorable nephews, William and Warren.  

Annie Holman CJRW

What is one thing you have learned in life?

Worrying accomplishes nothing.