Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. – Ben Franklin

Columbus House Brewery CJRW

This famous beer quote has often been attributed to inventor, founding father, and hundred-dollar-bill model Ben Franklin.  Beer enthusiasts have memorized and recited this mantra for some time now, often as justification of their enthusiasm.  However, the truth is that if Ben Franklin – who was known to enjoy the Nectar of the Gods from time to time himself – were alive today, he would more than likely be pleased with the trend of craft breweries opening across the nation.

Microbreweries, brewpubs, and gastropubs, are opening in record numbers.  Beer drinkers are drinking local, not unlike they did in Ben Franklin’s time.  The trend is particularly popular with the ever-important millennial generation, whose purchasing power continues to grow and affect marketing trends.  Needless to say, CJRW was thrilled to get the opportunity to work with the area’s newest small batch craft beer creators – Columbus House Brewery.

Columbus House Brewery CJRW


As Columbus House was anxiously awaiting the proper licenses to start operating, the brewery officials approached CJRW to generate buzz in the growing local craft beer community.  This way, they could hit the ground running when they were legally ready to brew.


In order to be successful, Columbus House needed to make a big splash immediately in a growing craft brewery scene.  The brewery wanted us to develop some brand recognition beyond its current logo.  The brewery needed to increase its visibility.  However, being a new business startup, the brewery’s advertising budget was limited.

Columbus House Brewery CJRW


First, our creative department developed distinct identities for each of the first four signature beers Columbus House created.  These were the Weekend Warrior IPA, Nutty Runner Nut Brown Ale, Spottie Ottie Oatmeal Stout, and Yellow Card Golden Ale.

Each identity complemented the outdoorsy spirit and rugged theme set in place with the brewery’s bicycle ring chain logo.  The designs drew inspiration from classic vintage bike jerseys.  Teaser posts were shared on various social media describing the beers and were accompanied by image of each beer’s style identity.

The identities were utilized within the brewery in posters with copy and tap handles.  In the near future, the brewery is planning on using the images on T-shirts and coasters.  In the distant future, this will be the design for cans if the brewery expands its production to canning.

Columbus House Brewery Cans CJRW


Our reach was limited due to budget constraints, however we generated enough buzz by social media and word of mouth in the craft beer community to result in a phenomenal grand opening weekend.  The only problem Columbus House had was brewing enough of the popular beer styles for the repeat customers in the weeks to come.

Columbus House Brewery CJRW

Columbus House Brewery CJRW

Columbus House Brewery CJRW