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That is the question.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, it’s not always easy to take a good hard, objective look at your brand identity. As professionals, we often become attached to our tag lines, colors and especially our logos.

According to the iconic American graphic designer and principle partner of Pentagram in New York, Paula Scher, there are only two reasons to change a corporate identity. The first reason is when you find that the existing identity is substandard and you simply can’t work with it. The second is when an organization is on the cusp of a drastic change – new leadership, spirit or internal direction. “Those are really the only two ways in which an identity needs to be redefined,” says Scher. “Because they are, in fact, changing their identity ... everything else is debatable.”

CJRW Logo Progression
You may have noticed the recent change in our identity. We fell into that second category. CJRW has evolved, progressed and matured. Sure we have built upon our 50-plus-year history, but our services, expertise and staff have changed with the times. We’re not the same company we were 50, 10 or even two years ago, and we needed a new identity to reflect this.

The way we begin to help our clients answer this question is through our brand camp workshops. In this process, we do an objective audit of the existing brand. We then determine if the current state of their corporate identity and messaging accurately communicates their brand’s essence.

Through this collaboration with our clients, we are able to easily identify and answer the question to rebrand or not rebrand.