As part of an ongoing effort to best align staff resources to take full advantage of emerging business opportunities, several CJRW team members are assuming new responsibilities.

(L to R) Kratkiewicz, Hill, Mullikin, and Peters. 

Brian Kratkiewicz has been named Senior Vice President and Director of Account Services, and Zack Hill has been named Vice President and Director of Digital Services.

Kratkiewicz is an agency and industry veteran who has been Senior Vice President and Director of CJRW’s media and digital divisions. Hill was previously the firm’s Director of Digital Services. In addition, CJRW announced that Karen Mullikin, who joined CJRW in 1994, has been named Corporate Project Officer. In her role, Mullikin will focus on strategic initiatives in support of the firm’s business plan.

Ike Peters, a copywriter who joined CJRW in 2013, has joined the digital services division of the agency where he will focus on social media services to clients.

In making the announcements, agency President Darin Gray said the moves are the result of rapid growth in the agency’s digital and interactive services and emerging business opportunities. 

“In recent months, we have seen a significant and sustained growth in our digital services division,” said Gray. “This realignment of our professional resources is in response not only to that growth, but is part of a long-term growth strategy we have initiated and implemented over the last 12 to 18 months.”

Gray cited the recently announced merger of Heathcott Associates with CJRW, reorganization of its northwest Arkansas office and changes within its Public Relations Division as other components of that strategy.

“Each of those decisions has resulted in greater opportunities, efficiencies, and effectiveness for the agency, and we anticipate the same from today’s announcement,” Gray said.

Kratkiewicz has been with CJRW since 1997. Previously, he worked for Grey Advertising in New York and Los Angeles, and for Taco Bell, Corp., in Irvine, California.

Hill has spent the last several years managing digital web design and development projects for clients throughout Arkansas and across the nation.

Mullikin has served as Director of Account Services and Account Supervisor on some of the agency’s major clients during her tenure.

“Karen Mullikin is one of the more insightful, experienced communications professionals in this market,” said Wayne Woods, chairman and CEO of CJRW. “She will play a very key role in assessing ways we can position ourselves to take advantage of business opportunities.”

Peters will continue to provide copywriting services to agency clients in addition to his new duties in the Digital Division.