Everyone can advertise on Instagram!  But, it can be a bit complicated.  CJRW participated in beta test groups for a few different clients and has seen GREAT results.  However, businesses have to jump through a few hoops to get started.  You may be asking yourself: How do I advertise on Instagram? Here are four things to know to begin advertising on Instagram:


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1.    Correctly set up Instagram ads. 

Setting up and launching your campaign can be a challenge if you haven’t already converted to Business Manager.  Advertise on Instagram through Facebook’s Ads Manager using Power Editor, which works best in Chrome.  Instagram ads are another placement option.  Just like you choose to place your Facebook ad only on mobile Newsfeed or the desktop Newsfeed, you can now choose Instagram.  Here’s how it goes:

  1. Convert your page to Business Manager.
  2. Create a new Ad Account for your page or use an existing Ad Account.
  3. Claim your Instagram Account and assign the appropriate Ad Account to it.
  4. From your Ad Account, launch Power Editor.
  5. Download the appropriate Ad Account to Power Editor.
  6. Create a Campaign, Ad Set (where you choose placement, like Mobile Newsfeed, desktop Newsfeed or Instagram), and Ads.  You can create multiple Ads in your Ad Set.
  7. After creating your Campaign, Ad Set and Ads, upload your campaign.  Double check that the correct Ad Account is set before uploading.  By uploading, you are launching the campaign for review, which can take a couple of hours up to two days for approval.
  8. After uploading your campaign, check the progress in Ads Manager.
  9. Or, avoid these steps by calling CJRW for help.

2.    Separate Instagram placement from Facebook. 

CJRW launched a campaign that placed ads in the mobile Facebook Newsfeed and in Instagram.  Facebook will be approved quicker than Instagram.  Facebook also has a larger audience, so a larger portion of the budget will be spent on Facebook.  We tested this with a few different campaigns in the beta stages and saw the same results.  Budgets were spent more quickly on Facebook, leaving Instagram with a small sliver of the budget pie.  Instagram saw lower results than Facebook when launched under the same campaign.  Engagement on Instagram was much higher when specific Instagram placement campaigns were launched through Power Editor.


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3.    Create compelling content. 

Be careful!  Instagram users have not acclimated to ads yet.  Many are adverse to ads in Instagram and will tell you about it in their comments. Be ready for it and provide responsive engagement.  This applies to all social media strategies – even though they are technically advertisements.  Don’t be overly promotional.  Content needs to tell a story and entertain users.  Ads that are more like commercials see poor results.  Be relevant, target the right audience, be authentic and social media-specific.

4.    Target niche audiences. 

Remember, Facebook owns Instagram.  You will be placing these ads through Facebook.  Leverage and take advantage of the big data available and target audiences specific to your content.  Always analyze your results to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment.

Here are the facts: businesses have been slow to convert to Business Manager, so jumping into the deep end with Power Editor may seem like stepping into a new world … a confusing one.  The impetus for many Pages converting to Business Manger will be Instagram advertising.  We have spent many, many hours talking with friends, although they may not call us that, at Facebook about Business Manager.  Props to Marcos, Robin, Elizabeth, Will, and all the other Facebook employees who helped train us.  They have provided us with invaluable knowledge about optimizing Facebook and Instagram efforts for our clients and we have seen excellent results and returns.

CJRW is in the business of telling your story.  Contact us at elizabeth.michael@cjrw.com, and we can help turn your story into success!