CJRW Video Length 2016

When creating ad content, many of us have stuck to the old K.I.S.S. method, or Keep It Short and Simple (also known as Keep It Simple, Stupid for those less subtle). For those of us who have been holding on to that adage, prepare to have your world changed. A new Google Test has revealed that responses are more nuanced than what we thought.

Google tested three versions of an online Honey Maid ad – a 15-second, 30-second and one just a few seconds over the two-minute mark.

The results of the test, reported by AdWeek, give us new insights into how the length of the piece and where we introduce the brand messaging into the story affect the impression we make on viewers. Key takeaways include that while the 15-second video had the best ad recall, viewers skipped it most often. 

The article went on to say the 30-second version was, “… short enough to keep viewers entertained yet long enough to create a meaningful impression.” It should also be noted this version was watched all the way through more often than the other two versions (30 percent more than the 15-second cut).

Perhaps what we found most surprising is that only 15 percent of viewers lasted through the entirety of the longest version of the video (2:17), but it was skipped less than the 15-second version.

What can we gleam from this information? When and where you weave your messaging into the content is more important than you think. For best results, introduce your brand earlier in the spot, regardless of the format. More importantly, like we’ve always known, content is still king. People will go along for the ride even farther for a well-told story.