CJRW Advertising Business As A Second Language

How can two people communicate if they speak different languages?
When dealing with a client, it is easy to get caught up in the language of Advertising and forget to speak the language of Business.

Let’s compare the two:
The language of Advertising

  • Used in ad agencies by the digital, media and creative teams. The vocabulary includes words like: hits, impressions, engagement, reach, traffic, SEO, SEM and so on. Agencies are interested in the latest trends; they are highly creative, and they are constantly generating exciting new ideas to stay current.

The language of Business

  • Spoken by the client, the business owner, the C-Suite and the managers. This group of people thinks in terms of: bottom line, sales, profit, cost, cost-benefit, capital investment and return on investment (ROI). They work with numbers and are interested in the growth and sustainability of the business. They need tools that will drive long-term, positive results for their organization.

People with business acumen speak the language of business – understanding how it operates and makes money. Corporate executives will invest resources in strategies, including marketing and communication services, that yield positive bottom-line results. In order to be an effective public relations or advertising executive, one must climb down from their lofty creative perch and focus on the client’s business goals.

To become trusted and more efficient marketing and communications consultants, one must:

  • Become bilingual – learn to speak “Business” and how it relates to the language of Advertising
  • Have a basic understanding of the financial, accounting and operational functions of a business
  • Be strategic – demonstrate how communications counsel helps advance the client’s business goals and objectives
  • Be able to communicate in quantitative measurements that translate to dollar signs
  • Use clear and concise messages and avoid jargon and acronyms that some may not understand.

By doing so, marketing and communications professionals are able to strategize and lead meaningful conversations with their clients and key stakeholders in a business. Agencies can then better explain how the results (hits, impressions, engagement, reach, etc.) impact the client’s goals (bottom line, sales, profit, etc.).

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