Businesses of all sizes have been using Instagram for years. Currently, more than 200,000 advertisers use the service. However, Instagram’s usefulness for business has been compromised by poor analytics and tools that have put it far behind its major social counterparts.

To bridge the gap, Instagram has announced a new set of business tools soon to be implemented and available to businesses that already have a Facebook page, a service that will likely be expanded to a larger audience in the near future.

By upgrading to a new (and free) business profile, business owners will gain access to several new features and capabilities, including: 

  1. The new Insights tool through which business users will be able to track the performance of every post and gain access to data about top posts, impressions, reach and engagement.
  2. The ability to gather demographic information about followers, including age, gender and location.
  3. With a business profile, owners can enable users to contact the business via call, email or text by simply tapping the contact button.
  4. Mobile Ad Creation, a simplified process of promoting popular posts and quickly turning them into mobile ads.
  5. New mobile tools enabling businesses to search and save audiences based on data from users’ Facebook profiles, including demographic data and information about personal interests.
  6. Payment credentials and other information from Facebook business pages that can be used to prepopulate the new Instagram business profile, making the transition much easier.

With these promising and much anticipated features on the near horizon, the time is now to start planning your new Instagram campaign. And, along with the new business tools comes a host of new opportunities for advertisers to use Instagram to its fullest potential.

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