When it comes to interactive marketing and digital innovation, Austin is the center of the universe, at least for one week a year. We are of course talking about South by Southwest (SXSW), the interactive world’s State of the Union, and the most influential event of its kind on the planet. SXSW is where the next big thing is revealed, and sometimes where the last big thing meets its end. It is in Austin where just last year we met Meerkat, where we got a handle on Big Data and grew accustomed to The Internet of Things. Tomorrow and for the next five days, the biggest names in the business and the newest ideas in the field will converge in Austin. CJRW will be there too, and we’re not coming back until we’ve seen it all!

For eight years now, CJRW has spent its spring break at SXSW Interactive, a jam-packed week of overlapping sessions and workshops covering every aspect of the digital world from social media marketing to VR to advanced robotics. The conference gives our team the opportunity to experience and discuss new creative technologies before they take off, to have discussions with the captains of digital tech and the pioneers who will succeed them, and to return with insights and ideas from the forefront of digital and media marketing. These insights are invaluable to our agency and our clients as we all prepare to take advantage of the latest trends, technologies and research. 

The CJRW team will consist of five members this year: Zack Hill, Director of Digital Services; Elizabeth Michael, Director of Digital Content and Social Strategy; Brian Kratkiewicz, Director of Media and Innovation; John Cater, Interactive Art Director; and Josh Walker, Digital Content Writer. The team will split up and attend as many sessions as possible, tweeting the highlights to our readers and blogging about what we learn with every free minute we have left. Tune in to our updates on TalkBusiness, and the CJRW blog and Twitter feed, to get the play-by-play of our SXSW insights, session summaries, movie-star sightings, and general shenanigans.