In today’s world, resumes are more than just a sheet of paper.  Believe it or not, your next interviewer may already know more about you than you want before you even step foot in their office for your first meeting.  

The days of polishing up your resume to type onto that infamous sheet of linen paper are long gone.  Sure you still have to present yourself with all the great things that make you stand out against the competition, but one cannot ignore the persona you have created on your Facebook and twitter pages!  

In a recent survey, 8 out or 10 interviewers will research your social media pages before you walk into the interview.  And 10 out of 10 will research you after you leave the interview.  

Here are two quick advantages of how your social footprint can affect your interview:

1.Networking – More than half of all jobs come through word of mouth with your connections – friends, family and colleagues.  There is nowhere else where you have the ability to reach hundreds of people in just seconds.   Job seekers can use this networking tool to ask your network for possible leads.  Secondly, once you land that coveted interview, you can look through your network for possible connections to the organization.  

2.Show Your Personality – Employers like to hire people they like and want to spend time with. Showcase your (appropriate) personal experiences that highlight your community involvement and family that can project your friendly side that may not be seen during a face-to-face interview.