Facebook Video Views Controversy

By Josh Walker
By some accounts, Facebook was caught manipulating video view statistics. By other accounts, the “victims” really just have no clue how to interpret those statistics. Nevertheless, advertisers are claiming they were misled by statistics provided by Facebook regarding the average length of video views.

Business as a Second Language

By Estefanie Perez
How can two people communicate if they speak different languages? When dealing with a client, it is easy to get caught up in the language of Advertising and forget to speak the language of Business.

What Businesses Should Know About Pokemon Go

By Josh Walker
A worldwide community has emerged almost overnight. They are Pokemon Go players, and they're on the hunt. If businesses want to be found, it's time for a little training.

Katherine Vasilos Joins CJRW

Katherine Vasilos, a veteran communications and government relations strategist, is joining CJRW as account executive.

Instagram Business Tools

Instagram has announced a new set of business tools, and the implications for social media marketing are huge.

Google Tested an Online Ad, the results may surprise you.

By Bret Ellington
When creating ad content, many of us have stuck to the old K.I.S.S. method, or Keep It Short and Simple (also known as Keep It Simple, Stupid for those less subtle). For those of us who have been holding on to that adage, prepare to have your world changed. A new Google Test has revealed that responses are more nuanced than what we thought.