Women of CJRW: Jennifer Morgan

Making a priority of doing the things that energize and recharge my battery help me achieve the right work-life balance, and I’ve learned that it’s not selfish to put these things at the top of my to-do list.

Women of CJRW: Amy Turpen

Have a passion for what you do, and it will drive you to work hard and do your best.

Is Anyone Listening Out There? Anyone?

By Richard McKeown
If there's a business topic that's been studied, written about and discussed more than "leadership" I cannot imagine what it would be. Books, blogs and videos on leadership are churned out out like dime store novels. Posted with permission from the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal. Originally published October 26, 2015.

Women of CJRW: Jaclyn Abramovitz

Being a young woman in business myself, I would encourage any women who are coming into the workforce to seize each and every opportunity.

Women of CJRW

You know us as women with full-time careers in advertising, but we're also women with full-time lives. We bring our stories to CJRW to help us better tell yours.

The Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism and CJRW: Millions Reached With New Social Media Strategies

By Elizabeth Michael
Pinterest and Twitter approached the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism to participate in beta test groups for promoted pins
and embedded video ads, respectively. In addition to the beta group opportunity, CJRW proposed leveraging a partnership with P. Allen Smith to develop a unique national blogger engagement campaign. Utilizing research and experience with different social media and content distribution methods, CJRW developed platform-specific social media plans for the Department to achieve campaign objectives.

To Rebrand or Not to Rebrand? (pt. 1 of 3)

By Bryce Harrison
Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, it’s not always easy to take a good hard, objective look at your brand identity. As professionals, we often become attached to our own trademarks, colors and especially our logos.

Meet the 2015 CJRW Interns

As part of a long-standing tradition, CJRW took four interns under its wing this summer for the Ronald A. Robinson Intern Program. With Ron Robinson as our agency’s first-ever college intern, and now a retired former chairman and CEO, it’s easy to see the enormous opportunities that lie ahead for each CJRW intern.