Meet CJRW: Bryce Harrison, Art Director

Meet Bryce Harrison, art director out of our Northwest Arkansas office. When he isn’t running around and exploring The Natural State, he is producing award-winning creative for a number of different clients.

Communication Matters: Five Essentials for a Public Relations Strategy

What do you expect from your public relations plan? Or, do you even have a public relations plan? And, if you do, how do you know it is properly structured to deliver results? In our latest installment of Communication Matters, Richard McKeown goes over five essentials for a public relations strategy.

Annie Holman: Leadership Arkansas Class IX Experience

By Annie Holman
The closest I’ve come to attending an educational summer camp since my stint at Arkansas Girls State in 1999 is the retreat that made up the Leadership Arkansas Class IX inaugural session. It’s amazing the quick friendships you can make when there’s a hospitality suite.

ROI on Word-of-Mouth Marketing

By Elizabeth Michael
It’s no secret: Word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing is the holy grail of influencing a consumer’s purchasing decision. Until now, there has been no definitive measurement of WOM’s success. Well, the folks at the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association, with the help of brands like AT&T, Discovery Communications, Intuit, PepsiCo, and Weight Watchers; and agencies like House Party, Ogilvy, Zocalo Group, and Brains on Fire, worked together to fund and produce a study to quantify WOM. Yes, they actually did that.

Communication Matters: To Be Avoided in Media Interviews

When it comes to talking with the media, there are certain tools and techniques that work well. Having a clear message, staying on point, and being prepared to deal with difficult or uncomfortable questions are all part of an effective media training program.

Shira Named Vice President

Senior Print Production Manager Greg Shira has been promoted to Vice President/Production at CJRW.