Communication Matters: Winning the Presentation in Q & A

In our latest installation of Communication Matters, Richard McKeown describes how you can win your presentation in the Q & A section. Many presenters may not think they need to prepare to think about the Q & A section, but preparing for the Q & A section could help you win the presentation. Watch this video to learn more!

CJRW at SXSW: The Principles of "UX Choreography"

By Zack Hill
“A combination of the how, with the when and why.” That’s UX Choreography explained by Rebecca Ussai of digital agency R/GA. In a unique SXSWi presentation, Ussai was joined by former Disney animator Glen Keane, and the results were eye-popping.

CJRW at SXSW: Are You an Expert? Prove it!

By Bryce Harrison
In an entertaining and expletive-laced SXSW Interactive session Michael Nieling, Creative Director at Ocupop, laid out some very straight forward guidelines for producing great work. First and foremost among these is "position yourself as an expert." We explain what he means by this.

SXSWi 2015 Recap: Neuroplasticity & Tech - Why Brands Have to Change

By Elizabeth Michael
In one of our first sessions of SXSWi 2015, Dan Hachen and Felix Morgan from HeyHuman dropped some truth on us about how the three big trends – the Internet, social media, and mobile – affect the human brain and, more importantly, how marketers need to change their communications with potential consumers. Just a light subject to start things off. In this recap post, we will hit on the key takeaways from their presentation.

CJRW at SXSW: Content Marketing Is Changing Advertising (Not Killing it)

The annual South-by-Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) conference in Austin draws thousands of tech industry workers and insiders, as well as loads of marketers and communications professionals. CJRW's team was on hand to learn the latest on digital trends impacting the marketing efforts of industries and brands around the world.

Targeting vs. Good Ol’ Content: Part One, Facebook and Instagram

By Elizabeth Michael
Did you notice that once you changed your relationship status on Facebook from “in a relationship” to “engaged” ads for wedding dresses, invitations, and other wedding paraphernalia flooded your newsfeed? Sorta creepy, right? Here’s why that’s happening: social media platforms take data you provide and also extrapolate data from your behavior patterns, then serve it up to businesses that target tailored ads to you. Targeted social media ads get marketers excited about delivering specific content to specific audiences.

CJRW Team Members Take On New Roles

As part of an ongoing effort to best align staff resources to take full advantage of emerging business opportunities, several CJRW team members are assuming new responsibilities.