CJRW Team Members Take On New Roles

As part of an ongoing effort to best align staff resources to take full advantage of emerging business opportunities, several CJRW team members are assuming new responsibilities.

It’s All About the Big Idea

I’d get run out of town if I said nothing has changed in marketing in the last 25 years. Or 10 years. Or 5 years. Heck, marketing has changed a bunch since last year. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of a big idea.

CJRW Acquires Heathcott Associates

CJRW is pleased to announce the acquisition of another leading Arkansas marketing and advertising firm, Heathcott Associates. This development culminates nearly two years of discussions between CJRW and Heathcott Associates.

Creatives want complementary brand partnerships!

No, not giving them away for free! We said “complementary” or to “combine in such a way as to enhance or emphasize the qualities of each other or another.” What you’re thinking of is “complimentary.” Notice the “i”. This is the other kind.

Online Video Ads: Impact and Responsiveness

By Brian Kratkiewicz
Video, shmideo! That’s all anyone ever talks about these days when it comes to online advertising (well, that and mobile ads). What’s the big deal with video, you ask? Well gather ‘round, contrarians, and let me tell you a tale of effectiveness.

No Longer Optional: Be Fearless and Focused on Social Media

What is your social media strategy? Is it reactive? Proactive? Do you devote 0.5 percent of your marketing budget to social media or a whopping five percent? Really, none of this matters if you do not take a step back and ask yourself one question: Do I have a platform specific social media strategy?

Meet CJRW: Brenda Worm, VP, Director of Operations

Meet Brenda Worm, vice president, director of operations here at CJRW. Brenda has been with the agency since 1990. That's 24 years, which is a very long time in advertising years.

What's Your Story? Simple Tips for Defining Your Brand

Does your brand or business need a good story? CJRW Director of Content Strategy Rob Anderson answers this question in the September 29 issue of Arkansas Business and provides some basic tips for identifying your brand story.