CJRW@SXSWi: How to Future-Proof Your Brand

By Josh Walker
Among the many very informative sessions on the first official day of SXSWi, one of particular interest to new businesses was called Ten Big Legal Mistakes Made by Internet Companies, led by Carl Butler, VP of Legal at Angie’s List, and David Wong, an intellectual property expert and attorney for Barnes & Thornburg LLP. In a nutshell, the session, despite its title, was centered around best legal practices for new businesses with insights on trademark laws, copyright infringement and the legal pitfalls surrounding digital work product, just to name a few.

CJRW is Back @ SXSW

For the next five days, the biggest names in digital marketing and the newest ideas in the field will converge in Austin for SXSW. CJRW will be there too, and we’re not coming back until we’ve seen it all! Follow along as we share all that we learn.

Going with the Flow: Adapting to Liquid Consumerism

By Josh Walker
The days of herding consumers from one destination to another are long gone. Today’s consumers are free range. They move unrestricted across a varied landscape of traditional and digital media, integrating multiple sources, online and off, into their purchase decisions. Consumer choices arise now from a cat’s cradle path of inputs, from word of mouth to traditional advertisements to branded apps to third-party review sites to social media, bouncing back and forth until landing on a decision. Pinning consumer purchasing decisions to a single cause is not only more difficult but over time is becoming less and less relevant. The contemporary consumer makes buying choices like a committee reaches consensus, only with the best advice from every available group member.

Help Us Brighten the Holidays

We’re doing OK, really. We’ve got a nice new office, jobs, homes, and people who love us. But, we realize – especially at this time of year – that there are people in our community who are struggling.

Women of CJRW: Kerry Johnson

Have a backbone, and stand up for yourself, but also admit when you make a mistake.

Women of CJRW: Brenda Worm

Tell us how long you have worked at CJRW. 25 yearsWhat inspires you in and out of the office? The personal satisfaction that comes with contributing to the greater good whether it pertains to family and friends or professional colleagues.

Women of CJRW: Rachel Reynolds

Don’t be afraid to fail, ask questions, be brave ~ don’t give up and see your success. Be kind in ALL you do!