Meet CJRW's 2014 Intern Class

Every summer, CJRW welcomes just a few lucky interns into our ranks. Out of 125 applicants this year, we narrowed down our selection to eight bright, talented, and creative interns.

VIDEO: Communication Matters - "Engaging the Issue"

In this episode of our video podcast series "Communication Matters," CJRW Senior Vice President and Chief Public Relations Officer Richard McKeown continues his series on speaking and presenting. Watch now as Richard describes a technique - "engaging the issue" - that can help leaders and spokespeople facing the media or answering touch questions from the public.

SXSW Recap: The Future & Now of Marketing (VIDEO)

Members of the Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods team recently returned from the South-by-Southwest (SXSW) Interactive conference. Watch our new video for a rundown on all the hot topics and some key takeaways from the event.

VIDEO: Communication Matters - Power Vs. Influence

The ability to influence those you work with and associate with is a key ingredient of leadership. Often times "influence" is confused with "power." The two are vastly different and have a vastly different impact on others. In this inaugural episode of our "Communication Matters" podcast series, Richard McKeown identifies key distinctions between "influence" and "power."

Join the Circle: 5 Things Bluegrass Can Teach Us About Social Media

"What I love about bluegrass is that it's a participatory group experience, and that's a little like what you see in social media," says Derrick Ball, Arkansas bluegrass musician. It may seem an unusual comparison, but it's apt. In fact, there are some valuable social media lessons that brands or marketers can glean from bluegrass jam circles.

VIDEO: State of the Media Report

The final stats for 2013 revealed the medium that people spend the most time with each day is digital, not television. That said, people still love their TV. Watch our latest video and learn more...

State of the Media: Report on Media Use & Trends

Every year, the CJRW team puts together a "State of the Media" report for our clients in order to provide an overview of current trends in the media industry and educated predictions for the future.

Wrap-Up: More BlogWorld Bits & Video

BlogWorld & New Media Expo in New York City (or as it will now be known, NMX ), covered a lot of territory, from social marketing and "social business," to blogging advice and tactics, to fresh research data.

More from BlogWorld: Social Business Buzz

Two words popped up in formal presentations and casual conversations throughout BlogWorld New Media Expo earlier this month: Social business. It is the "buzz term" of the moment in the social media world, but, unlike some of other sillier social media jargon out there ("Tweeps," anyone? Or this kind of stuff), this term actually means something.