Riceland Website Redesign

Riceland Foods, Inc. was seeking to develop a new corporate website to replace a site that hadn’t been substantially changed in more than a decade. The company wanted its new site to have a more modern look and features that provided a powerful, engaging experience for visitors. Riceland executives also expressed a need for appealing and informative individual pages or “microsites” for the company’s various divisions, along with tools and content that would help division sales teams market Riceland products and services. 

Content Strategy

CJRW’s digital and content strategy teams understood the importance of corporate and product websites for large companies such as Riceland. Taking into account research that showed consumers still visit company websites for general and product information more often than official brand Facebook pages, priority was given to developing informative, engaging and shareable content.   


Web Videos


Website Design and Development

CJRW first developed a basic management plan for the Riceland site, as well as clear, illustrated “wireframes” and style tiles (colors, fonts and icons) that the client provided feedback on and eventually approved.  The site was then built on a flexible content management system that allows for Riceland staff to update content at their convenience. All pages of the main Riceland site and microsites were built using responsive design techniques, which allow website visitors to access the site through any medium – from an iPhone or a tablet to a laptop or desktop computer – without compromising the site’s aesthetics or functionality.  Using a flexible, grid-based layout, Riceland’s site was mobile-optimized, alleviating the need to build a separate site for mobile use.

In order to ensure that the Riceland’s website ranked well in web search results and was as engaging and effective as it could possibly be with various target audiences – general consumers/home cooks, foodies, bulk buyers and retail brokers – CJRW created additional tools, strategies and tactics designed to enhance Riceland’s digital presence and optimize the sites for specific industry key words and topics.  Specifically, CJRW provided website copywriting, photography and illustrations, videos, and social media launch management. CJRW also proposed creation of cooking videos to support the site’s robust recipe section and arranged a cross-promotional agreement with up-and-coming author and “celebrity” chef/blogger Georgia Pellegrini, who would become the host of the videos.