We had a quick moment to sit down with our incredibly talented and dynamic senior art director, Lyuba Bogan, and ask her a few questions for the first installment of the Meet CJRW series.  Get to know Lyuba below!

 Lyuba Bogan CJRW

Name: Lyuba Bogan

Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia

Workiversary: Sept. 26, 2005


CJRW: What is another profession you would be good at?

LB: I don’t know what I wouldn’t be good at: reading, outdoor activities, singing Russian folk songs, cooking, traveling, snow skiing, playing guitar… if I tried really hard, maybe basketball.


CJRW: What do you want to grow up and be?

LB: A happy person, contributing to society.


CJRW: What are you not good at?

LB: Projecting my voice.

 Central High 50th Lyuba Bogan CJRW

CJRW: What work are you most proud of?

LB: I am proud of a lot of things I’ve done for CJRW, most of the images I submitted won state or regional ADDYs.  I am especially proud of the Central High Poster – not only did I get to create something to commemorate this special event in American history, the original art exhibited at the Central High National Historic Site visitor center has become something of a photo-op for visitors. It captures all Little Rock Nine as they were then and were on the 50th anniversary.  I have a framed version of the poster signed by all Little Rock Nine – definitely a family heirloom we will treasure!

Noah Builds A Boat Mary Manz Simon Lyuba Bogan Winter in Songming Page McBrier Lyuba Bogan Isabel lyuba boganWhat GOD Wants For Christmas Amy Bradford Lyuba Bogan

CJRW: What do you do in your free time?

LB: I’ve illustrated several published children’s books including "What God Wants for Christmas," by Amy Bradford (Family Life Publishing), "Noah Builds A Boat," by Mary Manz Simon (Random House Golden Book), and "Winter in Songming," by Page McBrier (Heifer International).  There are also several spreads that I illustrated for Desmond Tutu’s Children’s Bible that was published internationally.  “Isabel” is a sample illustration for an Ogden Nash’s poem – I feel it represents my true passion for illustrating.  I also work on fine art and commissioned portraits in my spare time, which I don’t have much of right now. 

 Lyuba Bogan

CJRW: What could you not imagine this world without?

LB: My biggest fan and amazing husband of almost 15 years is Marty Bogan.  I could never have imagined that my soulmate would end up being clear across the world in Arkansas!  Our two beautiful girls – Aleksandra (Sasha) and Ekaterina (Katya) are our pride and joy.  When I look at Isabel, I think of them.  They are very independent, brave, and smart! 

 Portrait Lyuba Bogan

CJRW: We toured the Our House facility recently, getting ideas about workspaces for our new office on Main Street.  I noticed some of your art hanging on the walls. Just beautiful!  Do you work with non-profits often?

LB: I’ve helped many arts and charitable causes that are dear to my heart over the years with art and design.  My most recent endeavors have been: Our House (helped with the capital campaign for the children’s center and donated several artworks for it); and, Arkansas Festival Ballet and Arkansas Academy of Dance – I love creating the posters for the storybook ballets – look for next year’s “Hansel and Gretel!"  I am chairing Roberts World Fest this year – a big fun festival celebrating the diverse families at Roberts Elementary – Sasha’s elementary school.


CJRW: What has been the best time of your life?

LB: Today!

Lyuba Bogan CJRW