There’s a renewed energy today in Austin, and the festival met it with a packed schedule that included some of the most detailed and informative panels so far. Yesterday was all about vision. Today was about experience, and we got all kinds of it during our third day at SXSW. Here’s the best of Day Three.


It’s our second day in Austin, and some of the biggest names on (and off) the planet are on hand to share their views on the present and visions for the future. But, as it turns out, the best thing about surprise celebrities is how they draw the crowds away from some really amazing sessions. As expected, the second day of SXSW was thought-provoking, inspiring, and a little scary.


The SXSW Interactive Conference is where you go for the most cutting-edge ideas and tech in the digital marketing world. Content is the name of the game, and the rules just changed. What does this mean for businesses and brands? That’s what we’re all here to talk about. Here's a recap of the best of Day One at SXSW Interactive.

New Digital Director at CJRW

After minutes of fierce agreement, the choice was obvious. The new Digital Director could only be Chris Ho. True to his nature, Ho seized the opportunity, and the 22-year advertising veteran joined the CJRW team in a leadership role. A force in digital advertising since its inception, Chris has seen the field evolve from blinking banner ads to brand-wide digital marketing strategies for national clients.


Across the country last Friday, people gathered to celebrate. And while the Fourth was still a few days out, Friday was the perfect day to celebrate our enthusiastic dependence on social media. We are referring, of course, to National Social Media Day, and CJRW rolled out the red carpet to honor the king of the hashtag holidays with a whole day of events and free swag. The event was Memes On Main, and despite the rain, it was a totally sharable success, thanks in large part to a very motivated class of interns.

Full-Screen Ads: Advertising on Snapchat

Snapchat personalizes and overcomes a user’s screen in a way that no other social media does. Read on as we explain Snap’s ad products and your options for advertising on Snapchat.

5 Quick Steps for Tourism Businesses to Make the Most of the Summer Travel Season

By Josh Walker
This year, Americans will for the first time spend more than $1 trillion on direct travel expenses, and about two-thirds of that jaw-dropping sum will be spent on leisure travel. Since this week is National Travel Week, and as we are nearing the peak of leisure travel in the U.S. in the form of the summer vacation, we’re turning our attention to summer travelers. Today we’ll be taking you through some best practices for attracting summer travelers to your business via digital media.

Full-screen Social Media Ads: Facebook Canvas Ads

Facebook is kind of like the shopping mall of social media. There is a little bit of everything for everyone, filled with promotions and contests with spaces to hang out with your core group of friends. It is also a bit passé. Don’t get me wrong – most everyone still goes. In fact, 79 percent of U.S. internet-using adults use Facebook, far ahead of the second, Instagram, which clocks in at 32 percent.