Vita Barré

Senior Media Planner/Buyer

Vita joined CJRW in 2015. In her role as Senior Media Planner and Buyer, she handles clients' annual budgets, maximizing their dollars by utilizing vendors that will help them reach their target market. She also helps accounting with media invoicing and billing, assists the operations team with managing and maintaining the usability of the office space, planning and executing office functions and celebrations, and a number of other jobs that keep CJRW running smoothly and make it a great place to work.

She loves spending her days with a great team of people and seeing our work outside of the office. She has a bachelor’s degree in marketing communications with an emphasis in art from the University of Central Arkansas and 30 years of experience as a media planner/buyer at top firms in Arkansas.

Her favorite place to visit in Arkansas is almost any lake — on the water is where she can relax completely.

When she's not working, her new passion, hobby and source of frustration is golf.

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